About the IAVBB

The IAVBB is inclusive of international, nation wide, regional and local veterinary blood centers and blood banks, veterinary transfusion and transplantation services, veterinary hospitals that provide blood donor programs, veterinary blood testing facilities, manufacturers of transfusion or related veterinary medical products and individuals involved in activities related to transfusion and transplantation medicine, and blood testing. The IAVBB supports high standards of medical, technical and administrative performance, scientific investigation, clinical application and education. It is dedicated to encouraging veterinary blood banking, donation of blood and other tissues and organs through education, public information and research. The association is currently undertaking the development of certification programs for facilities and phlebotomists.

We have several classes of membership.

Institutional Membership - This is for facilities that collect, process, distribute, and sell animal blood or provide cellular therapies or testing services for general commercial veterinary purposes.

Associate and Affiliate - This includes any organization, facility or professional group in the veterinary health profession which does not qualify for Institutional Membership, but is interested in veterinary transfusion and transplantation medicine or blood testing.

An Associate Member is an organization like a publicly funded government agency, educational institution or research center, or a private educational or research institution or organization which provides blood or tissue products predominantly for its own purposes.

An Affiliate Member is any private company or organization which produces blood or tissue predominantly for its own use.

Individual Membership - Any individual who is currently involved in activities related to veterinary transfusion and transplantation medicine or blood testing may be an Individual Member.

Manufacturing Membership - Companies that produce products for collection, processing or administering animal blood, that enable cellular therapies, manufacture devices for testing services for general commercial veterinary transfusion purposes, or produce artificial or cloned substances for veterinary transfusion or transplantation.

By becoming a member of the IAVBB, you assist the entire membership in its leadership role:

1. as an independent voice for commercial veterinary blood banks, transfusion, transplantation and related industries in the USA and around the world,

2. in advancing the field and the professionals who practice within it,

3. in the advancement of science in the practice of veterinary blood banking, tissue banking and related industries,

4. in bringing together like minded business owners and operators,

5. in providing a home where we can develop industry standards, promulgate educational and promotional material, develop accreditation, certification and educational programs, and other services that will optimize patient and donor care and safety,

As this young organization grows, we will be fulfilling these functions with the work of our members and the staff. While we have a long road ahead, part of the work is already done with the 1st edition of the Standards. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to contribute time and effort to our objectives and move forward in veterinary blood and tissue banking.

We thank you for your time in reading about the International Association of Veterinary Blood Banks and look forward to your membership.